Velazquez v. Kids Medical Services, Inc. / FFVA Mutual

HR Law Cases

JCC Stephenson (West Palm Beach)(Tony Amelio)(12-22-21) – Denied NCM non-party’s motion for sanctions for attorneys’ fees/granted the non-party’s motion for costs to be paid by the claimant. The NCM claimed the claimant was engaging in abusive discovery practices over the course of three years where depositions were set, reset and then cancelled, followed by motions to compel, in-camera inspections, etc. The JCC found that although the claimant’s actions and discovery tactics were very aggravating, they did not rise to abusive level which would warrant sanctions.  However, there was no question that the claimant had to pay for reasonable costs for which the NCM must file a detailed cost affidavit.     Click here to view Order