Lenny Lopez v. Southeast Personnel Leasing / Packard Claims

HR Law Cases

JCC Sojourner (Orlando) (Bill Rogner) (12-2-21) – Denied all claims due to misrepresentation.  The JCC denied the claimant’s attempt to offer a second IME report into evidence, obtained at the 11th hour. The claimant testified that when he appeared for an appointment with Dr. Jager five minutes late, he was turned away. Dr. Jager testified that he did in fact see the claimant, and provided details he could have only obtained from the claimant.  The JCC rejected the claimant’s credibility. Since the only pending PFB at time of misrepresentation was seeking one-time change or an appointment with Dr. Jager, the JCC held that the claimant made misrepresentations with the intent to obtain benefits.   Click here to view Order